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500 ml - Mosquito repellent

A very safe and effective long-lasting DEET free insect repellent, it can be applied to clothing (after testing a small area first) and it will last for up to eight hours avoiding annoying bites and protection from the more serious mosquito borne diseases, It has low toxicity. The repellent has a pleasant smell and doesn't make the skin greasy,it is suitable for adults and children over two years old.

The repellent contains plant-based pyrethrum extract, which is a perennial daisy which is toxic to insects but not to humans. Pyrethrum has been approved in the US government to be used for certified organic farming.

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Ingredients: Pyrethrum extract 0.52%. Ethyl Alcohol 98.97%

Having an effective mosquito repellent is becoming increasingly important especially for those who travel abroad. As temperatures rise mosquito borne diseases are on the increase. An effective insect repellent such as this product will help protect you from mosquito bites, which can range from annoying to life threatening. Mosquito bites can spread diseases such as malaria, chikungunya, dengue, west Nile virus and yellow fever. There are as well, sand flies, deer flies and black flies to contend with, all of which bite.

Mosquitos are difficult to avoid, apart from Antarctica, you will find them in every continent in the world. They are most prevalent wherever there is stagnant water such as swamps marshes and ponds. If you are going to avoid the times of the day when you are most likely be bitten it is best to remail indoors just before first light in the morning and shortly after it gets dark in the evening; this is when they are most active.

Previously serious diseases transmitted by mosquitos were associated with African and south American countries, however with temperatures throughout the world rising, the risk is not

limited to these countries. West Nile virus which first emerged in Uganda on 1937, was common in other parts of Africa and Australia, it is now being seen in European countries. Spain has seen several cases; during 2020 there have been deaths from the virus in the south western province of Cadiz, and also three deaths in the Seville region.

Mosquitos are not to be taken lightly according to the World Health Organisation mosquitos are one of the deadliest animals in the world, they are responsible for millions of deaths a year. Dengue has been one of the fastest rising diseases with more countries reporting cases.

There are now cases of mosquito borne diseases caused by what is called "luggage transmission". According to Doctor Cameron Webb an Entomologist based in Sydney Australia, where there are cases of these diseases being found amongst people who have not travelled to the infected regions and indeed have not travelled at all. The most probable explanation is "luggage transmission". Spraying the inside of a suitcase with this very effective insect repellent can avoid this risk.

There is not just one type of mosquito for each disease; some mosquitos carry various diseases. The Aedes aegypti mosquito can transmit dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya. This mosquito is now present over half of the world and increasing, the risks from these diseases is very real.

Symptoms of these diseases are flu like and can occur up to ten days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. A high fever is common as is a severe headache joint and muscle pain, swollen glands nausea and vomiting. This can be dangerous to those who already have weakened immune systems.


Avoid contact with the eyes (in case of contact with eyes wash immediately with copious quantities of water) sensitive skin and wounds, keep in cool environment, keep out of reach of children, do not apply to the hand of children as they frequently touch their face and eyes keep in cool environment. Keep away from flames. In case if ingestion, seek medical advice and show the product label.

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