Complete KIT to prepare Chlorine Dioxide
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Complete KIT to prepare Chlorine Dioxide - Sodium Chlorite 25% (140 ml) + Activator - Hydrochloric Acid 4% (140 ml)

140 ml (25%) + 140 ml (4%) together with everything required including instructions, to prepare 250 ML of Chlorine Dioxide for on-site water treatment.

Kit including the required implements to carry out water purification on site. Sodium chlorite activates with (Hcl), in order to obtain a biocide - chlorine dioxide. The purpose is purifying water and making it fit for human consumption. Component included in Article 95 of EU Regulation 528/2012 on biocidal products. Allows anyone to prepare residue free chlorine dioxide, by combining sodium chlorite and Hydrochloric Acid from Pure Water Living.

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Complete KIT to prepare Chlorine Dioxide

This revolutionary dual system allows the purification of water in any location or environment, making water fit for human consumption.

This guarantees safe drinking water under all circumstances. Particularly of value to those who hike, mountaineer, camp, hunt and fish and also to those who travel to remote locations where the water supply cannot be trusted. It also allows water from sources such as rivers and lakes, to be converted into pure drinking water using this easy and practical method. In today's world disaster situations should be considered, where the normal water supply is interrupted.



The complete kit can provide pure drinking water in any environment or location, it includes sodium chlorite 25% (140 ml) plus a 4% (140 ml) hydrochloric acid activator. With these components a biocide can be produced, which is chlorine dioxide. This allows water to be made fit for human consumption.

It also includes a 500 ml jar where the two products are prepared, and the chemical reaction takes place which produces chlorine dioxide.


How to use the on-site water treatment kit?

The minimum standard dose for human consumption is obtained by mixing three drops of 25% sodium chlorite with another three drops of the activator, in this case hydrochloric acid, in a glass of water, leave for a period of one minute, after this, there will be a chemical reaction that will give rise to chlorine dioxide (ClO2) this consists of a chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms, it is a yellowish green gas that dissolves in water and is an excellent antimicrobial, widely used for purifying water.

Warning: Never, under any circunstances, should you consume this mix, without first dissolving in water.

To make the recommended amount, you must mix 6ml of sodium chlorite, with 6 ml of hydrochloric acid, as the capacity is 600 ml, including the water.

To make the recommended amount, mix 6ml of sodium chlorite, with 6 ml of hydrochloric acid in water, amounting to 500ml including the water. 

The procedure takes 48 hours (as one must wait 24 hours in order to have the purified water ready, this process is carried out twice hence 48 hours). If purified water is required sooner, 12 ml of each product can be used which allows the solution ready in 24 rather 48 hours.

The value of owning an on-site Water Treatment Kit 

This product has been created to be used in any situation or circumstances where safe drinking water cannot be relied upon. Particularly valuable to those who hike, allowing them to avoid the risk of drinking or cooking in contaminated water, and consuming purified bacteria free water. An average person consumes two litres of water a day, it is essential that it is bacteria free. Many people use water filters, but they do not filter out viruses and bacteria.The on-site water treatment kit is a completely reliable method of ensuring purity. Consuming water sourced from lakes, rivers and springs can be toxic. The body can survive for long periods without food; indeed, many health professionals feel it is very beneficial to fast, but clean drinking water is essential to life itself. 

Precautions for the use of the On-Site Water treatment Kit.

This product is designed for adult use and must be kept  out of reach of children. In addition to following the following normal precautions:

- Keep well covered, in a cool, dry place.

- Never consume, if not prepared (pre mixed).

- Taking care when handling, as it can cause sensitivity and irritation when in contact with the skin.

- Preferably wear gloves.

- The product should not be inhaled.

- Avoid contact with eyes, wounds and mucous membranes.

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