80% Sodium Chlorite Powder
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1 kilogram - 80% Sodium Chlorite Powder (Solid).

1 kg of 80% sodium Chlorite powder.

1 kilo of 80% sodium Chlorite powder. An excepcional price high quality1 kilo container of 80% sodium chlorite.

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80% Sodium Chlorite Powder (Solid).

Sodium chlorite powder - a water purifying treatment.

The chemical compound known as sodium chlorite is used throughout the world as a water purification treatment. It has revolutionised the water purification industry. It is also frequently used as an industrial bleach in the textile and paper industry.

One of Sodium chlorite's major benefits is that it's soluble in water, creating a process where chlorite ions and sodium ions are generated. With chlorite having a concentration of more than 80%, it is used to manufacture chlorine dioxide which in turn is used to purify and eliminate any microorganisms found in drinking water. Sodium chlorite is also used as a powerful killer of viruses. Making it  extrermely valuable and effective in a wide variety cleaning processes.

This product is used in various industries some of which are listed below.

Whitening paper of paper, in paper and printing industries.

Sanitising food handling surfaces that are used in the preparation of food.

Reducing odours, sodium chlorite works as an ionizer of the particles that generate unpleasant odours, caused by food decomposing and odours from drains.

Making water fit for human consumption by eliminating microorganism in the water.

Sodiun Chlorite is used in many laboratory setting where good hygiene and cleanliness is essential. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

How is sodium chlorite powder produced?

Chlorine dioxide or CIO, is a reduction of sodium chlorate into a concentrated acid, which is achieved by  using a  reducing agent such as: sulfur dioxide, sodium chloride or hydrochloric acid .

Next, the chlorine dioxide is held by an alkaline solution that is reduced by the presence of hydrogen peroxide, resulting in a reaction that generates sodium chlorite.

When handling these compounds, it is important to be aware of the following:

·  The area must be properly ventilated, as high concentrations of the fumes can be damaging to health.

· Must be stored a cool dry area away from reducing agents or acids.


Both this substance and chlorine dioxide (CDS), into which it is converted, are strong oxidisers. Ingesting this substance undiluted can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, poisoning, kidney failure and blood disorders.

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